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  1. Hey Kostas

    I was wondering if it would be ok for you that we put your version of Stone The Crow in one of our youtube videos?
    It is by far the most awesome version of the song apart from the original so massive respect to you man.

    Anyway i hope for a positive answer man and keep rocking

  2. Hey buddy,
    first of all congrats to your awesome channel and guitar stuff. Love it!
    I’ve got a question: I think about going the kemper or axe fx route for live because I often have problems to organize carrying around all my stuff.
    Currently I play a Diesel Herbert in a melodic metal band. You can check out the stuff on yt if you want (
    In a live situation we use our own In ear monitoring anyways, so I thought just getting one of the modelers and going straight into the pa could be ok. But I am by far no tweaking guy. I like to set things up one and then go.Thats what I love about my diezel. Guitar -> wha -> OD -> Diesel. Thats it.
    Obviously your recordings sound awesome but do you have any experience with using them live (without having to tweak the hell out of them)?

  3. Αρχηγε μου μολις ειδα το βιντεο σου για το stone the crow( καταπληκτικο αποτελεσμα!). Επειδη το solo με τυραννάει αρκετο καιρο , θα μπορουσες να μου πεις που βρήκες tab η εστω αν μπορεις να κανεις ενα βιντεο με R-L audio για το solo ; Ευχαριστω .

  4. Hi Kostas.
    First of all, wanted to tell you that you’re AWESOME player!
    you have amazing riffs.

    Can you please upload a tutorial video of how to play (a bit slower of course…) riffs like
    the riff that starts on 1:17 is a CLASSIC metal,
    but it’s hard for me to understand how you do it…

    Thank you from Israel!

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