Greetings, and welcome m/

Hi, my name is Kostas Charalambous and I play guitar, lots of guitar. I also record myself playing sometimes, I’ve found it to be kinda fun occasionally. I recommend that you should try it too. I’ve been on an endless search for bro0talz since I started playing and I recently thought, hey, it would be kinda cool to make a blog and share my experiences with people. Maybe I’ll get some help to further my search, or even help someone else do the same. Something good could come out of this right?

On a more serious note, welcome. Feel free to signup/subscribe/comment/share. I’ll be posting various stuff from time to time to share them with you all. This is pretty much “under development” and I will be adding more content sooner than later.

Thanks for checking this out and I hope you stick around. Keep it brutal! m/