I have my Axe-FX master volume set at -6db so remember to lower the volume of the presets before you start playing otherwise it will be too loud. Don’t say I haven’t warned you 😉

I spend a lot of time tweaking these presets. If you find them to be valuable and would like to contribute then feel free to make a donation by clicking the donate button on the right.

Have fun with them, and make some metal!

axefx2 sd2download



Presets — 24 Comments

  1. Just watching your video, my lord you have some of the best high gain sounds i’ve heard pulled from the little box of joy. I was wondering when you’re showing the axe fx screen etc in the videos are they your dial settings? and if so are you running the drive pedals flat?

  2. are you using the latest AXE-FX II Firmware (9.02) and did you update your presets to it? Then it would be great if you could post those updated versions, as well! Very impressive sounds, some of the best high gain tones I’ve heard coming out of the AXE indeed!

  3. Hola, muy buenos dias.,

    Me gustaría saber, si los preset de descarga que amablementes ha puesto para poder descargarnos, funcional con otro versión de fireware, o solo con la v.12 00. Gracias y saludos.


    • Thanks for pointing that out. I’m in the process of slowly rebuilding my blog as I have switched hosts. It should work now 🙂

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